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July Tourney
We have a NEW CHAMPION!!!
Homerun Leaderboard
The moment Kyle becomes a LEGEND!! :) Watch below!!!
Player Team  HR's 
Chris The Leftovers  13
Matt Artful Dodgers  12
Devin Artful Dodgers  11
Thomas Choke & Pokes  10
Chris Inglorious Batters  10
Will Choke & Pokes  10
Hinchey Misfits  10
Brad Full House  9  
Brie Dingers et al.  9
Taylor Mad Batters  9
Jay The Leftovers  9 
Greg Full House  8 
James Inglorious Batters  6
Troy Choke & Pokes  6
Sean The Leftovers  5    
Ken Full House  6 
TJ Stray Bats  5
Jeff Inglorious Batters  5
James Choke & Pokes  7
Roy Misfits  5  
Kyle Dingers et al.  4 
Jeremy Dingers et al.  5 
Paul Full House  4 
Kyle Full House  5  
Jordan Breaking Balls  4   
Andrew The Leftovers  6
Brett Misfits  3 
Pete Mad Batters  3  
Sergio Breaking Balls  4 
Dan Mad Batters  3 
Mike Stray Bats  3
Carleigh Stray Bats  2
Alex Choke & Pokes  2
Derek The Leftovers  2
Phil Choke & Pokes  3  
Eric Misfits  2  
Brandon Mad Batters  4
Mike Pitches Be Crazy  3 
Brad Inglorious Batters  3
Darren The Leftovers  3 
Mark Inglorious Batters  2 
Colin Artful Dodgers  3 
John Breaking Balls  2  
Jerry Stray Bats  2  
Scott The Leftovers  2
Charlie Dingers et al.  2
Blake Pitches Be Crazy  2 
Sab Pitches Be Crazy   1
Matt Pitches Be Crazy  1
Andrew Pitches Be Crazy  1
Chris Artful Dodgers  1
Andrew Artful Dodgers  1  
Andre Dingers et al.  1  
Liam Breaking Balls  2 
Neil Dingers et al.   1 
Shane Full House  1 
Brian Artful Dodgers   1
Hardy Misfits   1
 Mac  Artful Dodgers  1
 Chris C Artful Dodgers   2
 Dylan Breaking Balls    1 
More Videos!
Kyle gets it right this time! :) See below!
We have a new Facebook Page! We know it has been a while since we posted to the league Facebook page, and we apologize for that! We've had a tough time signing in to that page, so we've started a new one. Please click the link below and Follow us on this page. There's a BIG announcement being posted on there right now! :)
New Facebook Page!!!
Congratulations to the Artful Dodgers, the 2021 Champs!! Congrats to Erin and Chris, the playoff MVP's!! Congrats also to the Mad Batters on their run to the Finals!!